Czech Republic


I appreciate the newly established cooperation with the textile shop and haberdashery in Prague.


The prompt response of Mrs. Markéta from the team to my request to send residual materials from their sale brought me not only beautiful clean fabrics, which the store would no longer use and would become waste but also a wonderful opportunity to get a contract for a commercial store, which supports slow fashion production and thus pays attention to saving the environment. Big thanks!




Hraňo Dizajn focuses mainly on the production of concrete clocks. It is a pleasure for me to work with another artist who directs his production in a higher environmental level.

It is a pleasure to prepare packaging design and sew sustainable packaging for Marcel's watch and other home accessories from his workshop.






Supolka alias Lucia has been producing jewelry on 3D printers for several years. During production, it is inspired mainly by nature and animals, which she enjoys immensely. She also transferred her love and respect for the environment to her design. She uses PLA plastic filaments for the production of her own design. This special material is from the Netherlands and it´s compostable made from corn starch. I am very grateful for the opportunity to get to know her and her unique ecological work.



My upcycle work has attracted students abroad as well. Thanks to the international Erasmus + program Mary Birdie, a student directly from Via University College in Herning, came on an internship for tailoring.

I am very much looking forward to working with one of Denmark's top universities focused on sustainable design.




Thanks to the collection of the Melancholic 2020, I decided to cooperate with the Slovak jeweler and the loris_porcelain brand. Her porcelain jewelry is timelessly beautiful, elegant, and minimalist. I am very glad that I was able to establish this nice collaboration with the artist Zoya.

spolupraca magazín bio&eko.jpg


I am grateful for the 1st cooperation with the online magazine Naše Bio & Eko and the opportunity to present my own upcycle brand Mary Birdie for a wider Slovak audience.



Gorgeous Petush Nasklee in upcycle models by Mary Birdie.

2019 Blogger Awards

Thank you for the great cooperation, it was a pleasure to sew the original dress from the ribbon to the gala evening.