Who is behind www.marybirdie.com

My name is Mária Hraňo Ftáčniková, I come from Trenčín. I am a designer and seamstress of the slow fashion studio of Mary Birdie which I founded in 2019.

I redesign, create, use a special kind of creation that reduces the negative impact of fast fashion on our environment and slows down climate change.

I also tailor and over the last year I have created a circle of satisfied clients who have entrusted their ecological fashion dreams to me.


Browse my page, check out the latest slow fashion collection. Sign up for an upcycle course and you too can become an ecological creator of your own wardrobe.

Where did I learn that?

We mostly spent the summer holidays with my grandmother and cousins. Grandma needed to hire us all so we wouldn't get rid of any nonsense. She gave the boys work in the yard, in the orchard or in the garage, but she showed me her old pedal sewing machine and put old cloths and threaded needles in my hands. I was the only one who had the right! During the holidays, my grandmother cleaned and prepared classes and workshops for the next year at the Art School, which I later decided on. We children went to help her during the summer. The oily scent of sewing machines, the old iron of various tailoring machines, warehouses of fabrics and threads, workshops full of colors and the specific smell of all this will forever evoke pleasant chills and memories for me. Feeling it again, I would give it my all.

Why do I enjoy it?

I always felt it in particular. When I sew, I'm just happy. Sewing encourages me to look for solutions, she is an equal partner to me. It fills me to create designs, cuts, works, clothes that will please others. I enjoy the joy of others in something I have created with my own hands. I certainly also sew because of the blissful feeling of repeatedly experiencing beautiful irreversible memories of childhood and early youth. Creation brings me satisfaction and quiet peace for the soul. A place of escape and peace, fulfillment of desires, images, inspirations. I work with visions that come and go. I feel the presence of muses, I feel exceptional when creating. Then everything is possible!

Since when do I create and what were my beginnings?

I have been creating since I was a child, thanks to my grandmother and mother, who showed me how to do it. The first piece I sewed was a satin dark green two-piece swimsuit, although it was impossible to bathe in them and they were large for me, I still remember them. I sewed my first ribbon dress. I sewed for orders during high school, college and in addition to work.

I decided to sew upcycle thanks to the zerowaste lifestyle, which my husband and I decided to apply to our household. Awareness of our consumption and pollution of our environment and nature led me to a general reassessment of the view of my own work. The Mary Birdie brand is my creative Slovak affordable sustainable fashion.

What did I do before Mary Birdie?

I sold sausages and ham with cod in delicacies, I taught in schools and embassies, I worked as a maid abroad, as a personal assistant and a special pedagogue for the disabled, the blind and I taught children from socially disadvantaged families, I taught languages, I sold weddings clothes, extorted money for the Benelux countries and configured computers and created international agreements for the French market. However, I realized that time passes quickly and there is not much time left to fulfill children's dreams, so I am working on them now!

“Thank you for the support of all the people I have met so far and who have influenced me in any way and in any direction that I finally got here! To my husband, who stands by me and understands my soul, his family and closest friends, who supported my dream from the beginning. Where I am, I have always wanted to be, close to my dreams, on the verge of a new beginning.

New hopes… "